Why Choose Langley Dental Practice?

There are certain boxes that you tick when looking for a dental practice in your area. Everyone has a different reason for choosing the dentist that they use. Here are a few reasons you should consider Langley Dental Practice to take care of your dental treatment.

Five Qualified and Experienced Dentists

Langley Dental Practice has 9 qualified and experienced dentists under the management of Dr Tariq Drabu. Dr Tariq Drabu is a Manchester born and educated dentist, who is also one of the youngest qualifying dentists in the United Kingdom.

Dr Tariq Drabu is also passionate about training and pushes his team at Langley Dental Practice to constantly update their knowledge through regular training courses. All the dentists at the surgery are UK trained and have the highest education to ensure patients receive the best level of dental care.

Dedicated Support Team

In addition to the five qualified and experienced dentists at Langley Dental Practice, there is a team of 17 support staff. The team offer superior support to Dr Tariq Drabu and the dentists, ensuring all patients are comfortable and relaxed.

The team understands that each patient is different and offer unique care to ensure they provide their patients with the highest quality dental care available in Manchester today.

Practice on Site for Fifty Years

The Langley Dental Practice has been set in Wood Street for close to fifty years. Dr Tariq Drabu purchased the practice in 1998 transforming it in 2005 from a small and compact practice into a modern and high tech practice which can accommodate a large number of patients on an annual basis. In 2019 he purchased the adjacent property and expanded from 4 to 8 chairs.

Dr Tariq Drabu and his team are all dedicated to ensuring that they provide outstanding treatment to patients for generations to come.

Affordable NHS and Private Treatments Available

Dr Tariq Drabu and his team at Langley Dental Practice provide both NHS and private dental treatments. Their NHS treatments are priced according to the prices determined by the government on an annual basis.

Dr Tariq Drabu believes that their treatments for services not offered on NHS is competitively priced, making it possible for patients to take advantage of these services, which offer good value for money.

High Tech Equipment and Facilities

Today the practice offers a number of high tech features, which include a state of the art decontamination suite, full air conditioning and computerized digital x-ray machines, which reduce the impact they pose on patients.

Every step of the way, Dr Tariq Drabu and his team concentrate on putting their patients first and ensure they always receive the highest level of dental care.

Ideally Situated

Langley Dental Practice is located on Wood Street, close to public transport and within a short drive from the M60 Motorway. The bus stop is located outside the practice, while it is only a five minute drive from Junction 19 on the M60.

The practice is ideally located for any patients in the Greater Manchester, Rochdale and Cheshire areas who are looking for a superior dental service which is easy to get to.

The post code for the practice is M24 5RU.

BDA Accredited

Dr Tariq Drabu and his team are delighted that Langley Dental Practice was offered membership to the British Dental Association Good Practice Scheme back in 2011. This is the most prestigious scheme, ensuring that Dr Tariq Drabu and his team constantly put their patients first and achieve the highest quality standards.

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