Teeth Whitening Interest Free Finance Now Available!

Teeth whitening is a popular and painless way to improve your smile and your confidence. At Langley Dental Practice we offer teeth whitening with prices starting at only 250 or from just under 21 per month for 12 months interest free!

After a detailed assessment and examination of your teeth and gums our dentists will take accurate impressions of your upper and lower teeth and two custom designed trays are made to contain the teeth whitening gel. Patients take the trays and gels home and wear them for several sessions until the treatment is complete. We will individually discuss with you the best way of whitening your teeth. Prices for this treatment start at just under 21 per month on interest free finance.

What is the legal position - can't anybody provide teeth whitening services?

The General Dental Council (GDC) the body that regulates the dental profession and protects the public state that any applying materials and carrying procedures designed to improve the aesthetic appearance of teeth amounts to the practice of dentistry, as governed by the Dentists Act 1984. So too does the giving of clinical advice about such procedures. Anyone who practises dentistry illegally risks being prosecuted by the GDC in the criminal courts. Langley Dental Practice supports the legal view of the GDC that the practice of teeth whitening by non-dental professionals such as hairdressers and beauticians is a criminal offence.

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