Our Dental Team

Dr Tariq Drabu, managing director of Langley Dental Group Ltd, is one of the youngest dentists to graduate in the UK at the age of 21. Dr Tariq Drabu worked in hospital dentistry for several years before heading to Saudi Arabia, where he worked in Taif and Riyadh.

On returning to the UK, Dr Tariq Drabu was awarded with his Fellowship in Dental Surgery, which he obtained at the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. In 1998, he purchased Langley Dental Practice where he is now the managing director.

Today Langley Dental Practice is one of the most popular dental practices in Manchester, headed by Dr Tariq Drabu supported by a knowledgeable and experienced dental team.

The team consists of 9 dentists and 17 support staff. In day to day operational management Dr Tariq Drabu is supported by Matthew Hodkinson, who is the clinical director. Matthew Hodkinson has worked in various practices throughout the Northwest and offers over twenty years' experience in the industry. The senior team are dedication to patient care and consist of Sharon Partridge the Practice Manager, and Kristy Miller the Senior Receptionist.

Dr Tariq Drabu is involved in training and feels that it is important to assist with the education and development of trainees. Many of the nurses at the practice have undertaken post graduate qualifications and continue their education to ensure patients using this practice get the highest level of care at all times.

The dental team all focus on three main areas from high quality patient care to superior service to ongoing training, always adhering to the governing rules set out by the General Dental Council. These include the "Standards for Dental Professionals" and the "Lifelong Learning" rules. More information on the governing rules can be found at www.gdc-uk.org.

Dr Tariq Drabu ensures that the team provides the highest quality care to all patients visiting the practice. The team understand that each patient is unique and therefore work together to provide each patient with the care they need, always providing the best possible service and making each patient relaxed and comfortable.

Through a solid work ethic, a high level of patient care, superior service and a convenient practice location, Langley Dental Practice welcomes new patients on a daily basis, the majority of whom register through word of mouth. All the members of Dr Tariq Drabu's team work to achieve these high standards and ensure that the practice has an excellent reputation at all times.

Langley Dental Practice, headed by Dr Tariq Drabu along with his fantastic support team provide patients with a modern surgery with 8 ental chairs in an ideal location in North Manchester.

Dr Tariq Drabu and his team provide a host of services which range from daily dental care to teeth whitening, smile makeovers, short term orthodontics, metal free crowns, flexible dentures and much more..

When Dr Tariq Drabu purchased the Langley Dental Practice it was a small two chair practice, which serviced around 1,500 patients. Since then Dr Tariq Drabu with the assistance of his qualified team have built the practice into one of the most popular choices in the Northern Manchester area.

Due to the high demand for their services, the practice had a six month refurbishment in 2005 to ensure that they could keep up with the growing demand for their services. Dr Tariq Drabu spent over £350,000 in the renovation to ensure his team could continue to provide outstanding service to their patients on a daily basis. The new practice was so impressive that it was featured on television and in local and national press. In 2019 Dr Drabu purchased the adjacent property and expanded the practice from 4 to 8 chairs.

The Langley Dental Practice, under the direction of Dr Tariq Drabu is a registered practice with Care Quality Commission, who regulate all primary dental care services in the UK, both NHS and private.

Matthew Hodkinson BDS
Dentist and Clinical Director
GDC Reg No. 71113
Dental Degree obtained from University of London UK

Selina Din BDS BSc
GDC Reg No. 209924
Dental Degree obtained from University of Manchester UK

Shahjahaan Ahmed BDS
GDC Reg No. 191549
Dental Degree obtained from University of Liverpool UK

Annam Salim
GDC Registration 209626
Degree obtained from University of Liverpool UK

Mohammed Rofu Miah
GDC Reg No. 264360
Degree obtained from University of Manchester UK

Rajdeep Sandhu
GDC Reg No. 278245
Degree obtained from University of Manchester UK

Khadija Khaled
GDC Reg No. 283516
Degree obtained from University of Manchester UK

Shilpa Patel
GDC Registration 284519
Degree obtained from University of Central Lancashire UK

Kristy Miller
Senior Receptionist

Kosar Karim

Sharon Partridge
Practice Manager
GDC Reg No. 194348
UK Registered qualification

Kerry Oliver
Senior Dental Nurse
GDC Reg No. 127447
UK Registered qualification

Leanne Warrington
Registered Dental Nurse
GDC Reg No. 143639
UK Registered qualification

Kimberley Eyres
Registered Dental Nurse
GDC Reg No. 195208
UK Registered qualification

Sarah Gorman
Registered Dental Nurse and Receptionist
GDC Reg No. 243473
UK Registered qualification

Chelsea Lazenbury
Registered Dental Nurse
GDC Reg No. 256653
UK Registered qualification

Zulaikhah Shariff
Registered Dental Nurse GDC Registration 274281

Morgan Evans
Dental Nurse

Maisie Fuller
Cadet Dental Nurse

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