Treatment under Sedation

We can offer adult patients who are anxious about dental treatment the opportunity to have their treatment carried out under intravenous sedation. This involves an injection into the arm or back of the hand of a drug known as midazolam which relaxes the patient into their position where they are relaxed enough to allow dental treatment to be undertaken. Once the patient is relaxed the areas involved are numbed with local anaesthetic and dental treatment is carried out. Another advantage of midozalam sedation is that most patients do not tend to remember much about the dental treatment that they have just had.

Treatment of the dental sedation offers many advantages for anxious patients. Firstly it allows the treatment to be undertaken and successful sedation builds up the confidence of the patient increasing the level of trust and cooperation on future visits. For the dentist it allows for longer and more complex procedures to be done since appointments are booked for a longer time compared with conventional routine visits.

Dental sedation is much safer than putting a patient to sleep which is known as general anaesthesia. Dental treatment under a general anaesthetic has not been provided within a dental practice setting and can only be provided within a hospital.

Tariq Drabu has been treating patients under dental sedation for over 22 years and has wide experience of dental sedation. We are happy to provide routine dental treatment such as fillings cleaning etc under dental sedation for adults over 18 on a private basis. A consultation for assessment for dental treatment on a private basis costs only £50.

For further details please telephone the practice on 0161 643 2428.

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