Facial Aesthetics

At Langley Dental Practice we offer non surgical facial wrinkle reduction and treatment for facial lines. The treatment is well established and we have been providing it for almost a decade.

Our treatments are provided in a safe, clean hygienic and modern environment to the highest standards with individual personal care being paramount. We comply with the latest guidelines on infection control and our practice has been inspected and passed by the Care Quality Commission regulator.

The increased activity of certain muscles around the face can lead to in the development of deep frown lines above the nose, forehead lines as well as crow's feet. We inject Botox into these muscle areas area which relaxes the muscles temporarily, smoothing out the wrinkles and leading to a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The injections are carried out with ultra fine needles and are virtually painless. The wrinkles will smooth out or disappear. The best areas for this treatment are the forehead, frown lines and crows feet. Treatment takes around 15 minutes and improvements start to appear within 2 weeks and can last up to 6 months before repeat treatments are required.

Another type of treatment is to inject dermal fillers directly into the dermis layer of the skin to to smooth out and fill lines, folds and wrinkles. This is used in different areas of the face including the naso-labial folds. It is also used in the lips to give a fuller, better defined and more enhanced appearance. Treatment takes anything between 15 to 30 minutes and the results are immediate lasting up to 3 months before repeat treatment is required. The dermal fillers consist of the biocompatible material hyaluronic acid which is broken down by the body over time. There is a small degree of discomfort during treatment but we apply topical surface anaesthetic to the skin in order to numb the area before treatment which virtually eliminates any discomfort.

Both treatments are can be done individually but sometimes we combine the two treatments to achieve the best results.

With both treatments there may be some localised swelling in the area post treatment. The treated areas may also be tender to touch for a day or two. However this should not stop you going back to work or any other activity that you may be engaged in.

Our Botox prices start from £190 per area from and our dermal filler prices start from £190 per area. We would be happy to discuss the treatment required after an initial detailed consultation which costs £50 and is refundable against any treatment taken up.

For further information please phone our practice on 0161 643 2428.

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