White fillings

White or tooth coloured composite filling materials are made from a mixture of a resin base filled with glass type particles. Composite white filling materials have the ability to be bonded to enamel and dentine with almost toothlike biocompatibility properties.

The resin base consists of bis-GMA and a glass filler is usually silica based. The main advantage over traditional metal based amalgam fillings is vastly improved aesthetics. For example composite fillings can be built up stepwise in different colours and shades to restore a fractured tooth to give a very natural lifelike appearance. The filling material is presented as a thick paste which is set hard by a blue curing light.

As well as being used as a traditional type of filling material composite can also be used to fill small gaps between teeth and also to reshape teeth and build up teeth.

Composite materials can also be made in a dental laboratory to make a composite inlay or onlay. These can be used in larger cavities and their construction by a dental technician in a dental laboratory is similar to that of crowns and bridges.

Under NHS regulations white filling materials can be provided for front teeth but not in back teeth on biting surfaces. White filling materials on back teeth can be provided on an independent basis and we would be happy to discuss the costs involved following a detailed examination and assessment.

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